New Town


NEW TOWN and nearby were initially developed due to the construction of major railroad lines through the area allowing access to cotton, cattle and later oil in NEW TOWN. The construction of the Interstate Highway System reinforced NEW TOWN`s prominence as a transportation hub, with four major interstate highways converging in the city and a fifth interstate loop around it. NEW TOWN then developed as a strong industrial and financial center and a major inland port, due to the convergence of major railroad lines, interstate highways and the construction of NEW TOWN International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.

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Living in NEW TOWN

NEW TOWN is a prominent centre for music,theatre,motion picture production and television production,and is home to the headquarters major national broadcast networks and media outlets.Its varied cultural institutions,which include numerous museums and galleries, festivals and public events, entertainment districts, national historic sites, and sports activities,attract over 25 million tourists each year.NEW TOWN is known for its many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings,in particular the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, the CN Tower.


Things to do in NEW TOWN

The economy of NEW TOWN has been considered diverse with dominant sectors including defense, financial services, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation. NEW TOWN is home to 9 Fortune 500 companies within the city limits. The NEW TOWN metroplex hosts additional Fortune 500 companies, including Airlines . Over 41 colleges and universities are in its metropolitan area which is the most of any metropolitan area in NEW TOWN. The NEW TOWN has a population from a myriad of ethnic and religious backgrounds and one of the largest LGBT communities.

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